Discovering Deadwood on Highway 385, just an hour's scenic drive from the world-famous attractions of the southern Black Hills, one of the first motels you'll encounter is the Black Hills Inn & Suites.  Our motel, nestled alongside Whitewood Creek in a peaceful gulch at the foot of Strawberry Hill, occupies an area which was, until recently, known as the tiny town of Pluma.
Stepping out the door of your comfortable room or suite into the motel's spacious parking lot, you'll appreciate the pastoral, mountain peacefulness, the relaxing babble of Whitewood Creek which is only a few feet away, and the accessibility of the Mickelson Trail just across the bridge.   Breathing deeply of the clean, mountain air, you'll be amazed to imagine that this midpoint area between Deadwood and Lead has been the site of many, historic Black Hills' 'firsts' spanning more than a century of bustling activity and change.
You'd never know, without being told, that within a short distance of where you stand, there was once an immense gold-ore processing mill, a busy railroad depot, the Hills' first electrical generating and natural gas distribution facilities, a fence-post treatment plant, some of the area's finest boarding houses & eateries, an active steam laundry, an outdoor movie theater, a U. S. Post Office, and an entire prosperous community of businesses, homes and families.
What you'll see around the Black Hills Inn & Suites, these days, possibly looks much as it did before the Gold Rush, for a few exciting years, transformed this part of the Black Hills into one of the most densely populated areas on Earth.
As you lounge next to our indoor pool or enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot tub, close your eyes and open your mind, perhaps history will speak to you.
Maybe you'll hear echoes of the pounding pistons, at the Horsehoe Mining Company's Kildonan Mill, crushing gold ore for cyanide processing.
Maybe you'll catch an imaginary glimpse of the Deadwood Central or B&M locomotives hauling passengers and processed ore from Deadwood and Lead up over Strawberry Ridge to the waiting world.  Or maybe you'll see shadows of the raging floods and fires during the early 1900's when Mother Nature re-claimed this part of her territory from those human intrusions.
During your brief wait for the Deadwood Trolly, (which is regularly scheduled for a fun & quick trip to downtown Deadwood), or while you and your family share the motel's  shaded picnic area, possibly your mind's eye will picture the Black Hills first and only stagecoach robbery, which happened in 1877 within sight of where you stand, prompting the appointment of Lawrence County's first and most famous sheriff, Seth Bullock.
If you hunt, snowmobile, or ski, you'll enjoy the Black Hills Inn & Suites during late autumn or winter. Then, you might imagine the sleigh rides that originated here -young mining men inviting their gals to bundle up in blankets and robes for the cozy, horse drawn jaunt around the "Gold Belt " --- up Gold Run Gulch to Lead, down through Central City to Deadwood, then back along Whitewood Creek to Pluma again. Or, you may sense the incredible excitement of one of the world's wildest and woolliest bobsled runs, beginning three miles uphill from our motel (Near the Homestake Gold Mine at the top of Mill Street in Lead) and ending (for those foolhardy enough to hang on for the whole ride) at the juncture of Gold Run and Whitewood Creek about a quarter - mile from your comfortable room.
If you're a hiker, a biker or a horseman, you'll appreciate the instant accessibility of snowmobile Trail #7 and the 112 - mile Mikelson Trail running right past our motel. Along these trails, following routes originally cleared as railroad beds, you might encounter the roving spirit of Preacher Smith - The Hills' first Holy Man - perhaps still spreading the "Good Word" from settlement to mining camp as he did 130 years ago. You'll certainly spot signs of the Black Hills' rich variety of wildlife as you imagine the wild life of the miners and merchants, lawmen and outlaws, gunslingers and gold-diggers who flocked to these Hills in the not so distant past.
This spirit and wonder of the Black Hills surround you at Deadwood's Black Hills Inn & Suites, in the central location which made Pluma a thriving community for generations. At the Black Hills Inn & Suites, you're mere minutes from Deadwood's fine restaurants, famous gaming casinos, along with Terry Peak and Deer Mountain Ski runs.   You're just a scenic drive from Mount Rushmore or Crazy Horse Monument and just a hop, skip, & jump from the Mikelson Trail and snowmobile Trail're within easy reach of beautiful Spearfish Canyon and the world famous Black Hills Passion Play  in the midst of some of the country's finest hunting and fishing lands. And always, you're right smack in the center of all that the historic and glorious Black Hills area has to offer.
In cooperation with other fine area establishments and attractions, we offer affordable, year-round gaming packages, winter sports packages, a western package, a snowmobile package ... and much, much more! We proudly feature 47 rooms/suites at the best rates in Deadwood. Call us for details and reservations, or just stop on by.
Whatever the season whatever your interest or activity we'll be happy to host your Black Hills vacation, and you'll be happy you chose to stay at  Deadwood's Black Hills Inn & Suites.
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